What we do?

Our Services

Climate financing services provided by SustainAfrica include education and capacity building, climate risk management, technical analysis, climate investment plan development and strategic consulting, for governments and enterprises.

  • Mobilization of green funds for African Governments 
  • Promoting low carbon investments in Africa
  • Developing Green financial products for green banks
  • Fund raising for green startups and venture project
  • Carbon footprint Assessment for polluting companies  
  • Climate Risk Management and ESG Integration
  • Government NDCs implementation strategies 
  • Creation of green banks/Funds

With the public Sector, we work with national governments to:              

Analyze and Strengthen Resources Mobilization Strategies

Physical and Transition Risk Management and Integration

Quantify, update and Monitor NDC Targets                                                              ent, awareness and training for employeesEvaluate the impact of new green projects                                                             ESG reporting